Whatever the details of your fiscal situation, we will ensure all your tax obligations in Spain are met. From submtiting your taxes to our top-notch tax advice service, we take care of all your tax interests so you can enjoy peace of mind and be assured you are not paying out twice for the same service in two different countries.

Fee fROM 100€ 
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We manage your taxes according to your personal situation, saving you money by advising you on how best to minimise taxes to be paid, and giving you peace of mind by preparing and submitting all the necessary tax returns on your behalf.


Why to use us ?:
  • 1. Analysis of your fiscal situation: You will receive expert tax advice in your native language, tailored to your specific needs and situation. You will also rest assured that your taxes will be well-managed and up-to-date all year round. We will make sure you are not taxed twice for overseas assets and that any income is received gross wherever possible.
  • 2. We will represent you before the Spanish tax authorities:We will keep track of all your tax obligations throughout the year, providing you with timely notifications if any action needs to be taken on your part, so that you never miss a payment or incur any penalties.

Our non-resident tax service includes:
  • Submitting your Spanish personal income tax (form 100).
  • Submitting  your wealth tax (form 714).
  • Managing any unpaid or undeclared tax from past years.
  • Managing and advising you regarding offshore assets and income.
  • Tax advice for individuals who work abroad but live in Spain or who have other business assets and interests overseas.
  • Claiming back the 3% capital gains tax retention where appropriate.
  • Council Tax (IBI) management.
  • Fiscal representation before the Spanish tax authorities.
  • Obtaining an NIE (Foreigners´Identification Number).
  • Census information (form 030).
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