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The EU Court Rules that Non-resident Inheritance Tax in Spain Is Illegal

On Wednesday 3 September 2014, The European Court of Justice declared Spain’s “discriminatory” inheritance law illegal according to EU law. The Court ruled that inheritance tax in Spain and gift tax laws are discriminatory in cases where the deceased or the giver, the inheritor or the recipient are not Spanish residents, and also when the… Read more »

Spanish Inheritance

Losing a loved one is overwhelming. We will help you to calmly navigate through the legal side of this difficult time, working at all times to safeguard your interests, keeping you informed and making sure you get what is rightfully yours. What are the steps to claiming an inheritance in Spain? The Central Registry of… Read more »

Spanish Inheritance Tax

Spanish Residents Spanish inheritance tax is applicable if you are resident in Spain. Allowances are available depending on the relationship with the deceased. In the first instance the State rules apply but these can be amended by the different autonomous communities, providing conditions set by the relevant autonomous communities are met. Non-residents As a non-resident you… Read more »