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Spanish Tax Return (RENTA 2022)

Andalucía Lawyers’ guide to Spanish income tax for Spanish residents. Find out about the Spanish RENTA: what it is, how it affects you and how to declare your income tax in Spain. Am I a Spanish resident? Individuals become officially resident in Spain for tax purposes if they live more than 183 days of the… Read more »

Spanish New Wealth Tax

All You Need to Know about Spanish Wealth Tax Having been abolished in Spain on 1 January 2009, the Spanish government reintroduced wealth tax (impuesto sobre el patrimonio), supposedly temporarily, from 2012 onwards as an emergency economic measure. To do this they simply removed the total exemption to the tax that had previously applied. Does… Read more »

Spanish Capital Gains Tax for Non-Residents 2022

Find out what taxes you’re liable to pay when you sell your Spanish property as a non-resident. As a non-resident of Spain when you sell your Spanish property you are obliged to pay capital gains tax. Capital gains tax is applied to the difference between the original purchase price of the property (the acquisition value)… Read more »