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If you are a non-EU national with €500,000 or more to invest in property in Spain you can receive a Spanish residence permit known as the Spanish Golden Visa.

What is the 14/2013 law?

The 14/2013 law, known as the Spanish Golden Visa, came into force on 27 September 2013. It enables non-EU nationals who invest €500,000 or more in property in Spain to receive a Spanish residence permit. So far it has proven most popular with Russian and Chinese investors, as well as residents of Egypt, Qatar, Iran, Lebanon and Ecuador.

What types of residence permits are granted under Spain’s Golden Visa law?

  1. One-year residence visa for investors (year 1)
  2. Two-year residence visa for investors (years 2 to 5+)
  3. Long-term residence and Spanish nationality (year 5 onwards)

Am I eligible for a Spanish residency permit under Spain’s Golden Visa law?

If your answer to these questions is yes:

  • Are you 18 years old or older?
  • Do you possess public or private health insurance valid in Spain?
  • Can you demonstrate you have economic resources to support yourself, the applicant, as well
  • as any dependents?
  • Can you prove you are able to pay the visa processing fee and applicable taxes?

And your answer to these is no:

  • Have you ever entered or stayed illegally in Spain, or been refused entry into any Schengen countries?
  • Do you have a criminal record?
  • Are you listed as undesirable in Spain?

Then you are eligible! Read on to find out more.

Is my family included in the Spanish investor visa?

Yes, your spouse and any children under 18 (or any older disabled children) may also apply for golden residence permits under your investment.

What is the investment threshold for the Spanish Golden Visa?

The property investment threshold is €500,000 or more per investor.

What are the investment criteria for the Spanish Golden Visa?

The investment can be comprised of one or more properties, which may be of a residential, touristic, rural, commercial or industrial nature; rural land, developed land, buildings under construction or decrepit buildings.

Are there any restrictions on property use?

There are no restrictions on property use; investors can use the property in any way that is legal.

What are the financing criteria for Spanish Golden Visa?

Investors must use at least €500,000 of their own funds, which must come from transparent sources that comply with existing legislation. Above that threshold there is no limit to debt financing, for instance with a mortgage in Spain.

Can I make the investment through a company?

Yes, you may make the investment through a company so long as you have control of it and it is not based in a tax haven.

The First Step

The Spanish Golden Visa for Investors: Year 1

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