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Everybody makes New Year’s resolutions, but most of us do not keep them. However, we can help you to keep this one for sure: obtaining your Spanish residence card!

Why do I need a Spanish residence card?

Most people think that having a NIE (Foreigner’s Identity Number) allows them to live legally in Spain, but this is not true. EU citizens are not allowed to stay in another European country for more than 3 months a year. For this reason, if you like spending long stays here in Spain, or you would like to obtain your Spanish driving licence, enrol your children in a Spanish school, and enjoy a long list of other benefits, it would be advisable to become a Spanish resident.

Moreover, there are lots of English people that became Spanish residents last year because of Brexit. As we told our clients, this does not guarantee them more rights than other citizens in the event that the UK leaves the EU definitively, but it is definitely easier to lay claim to legal rights within a country in which you are already a resident!

What are the requirements to obtain the Spanish residence card?

There are different ways to obtain the Spanish residence card depending on your personal and professional circumstances, but there are some common points such as providing proof of good financial circumstances and having the right to Spanish medical assistance, either public or private. In any case, as soon as you contact us, we will find the easiest and best way for you to become a Spanish resident.

Is being a Spanish resident the same as being a Spanish tax resident?

Most people confuse the two situations. Being a Spanish resident just means that you have permission to live legally in Spain during the time your card is in force. However, being a Spanish tax resident means you are obliged to submit your tax returns to the Spanish tax authorities. Either way, here at Andalucia Lawyers we can help you both with becoming a Spanish resident and a Spanish tax resident so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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