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The EU Court Rules that Non-resident Inheritance Tax in Spain Is Illegal

On Wednesday 3 September 2014, The European Court of Justice declared Spain’s “discriminatory” inheritance law illegal according to EU law. The Court ruled that inheritance tax in Spain and gift tax laws are discriminatory in cases where the deceased or the giver, the inheritor or the recipient are not Spanish residents, and also when the… Read more »

Corporate Tax Rates 2012 – 2014

Residence According to Spanish law any company incorporated in Spain, with a registered office in Spain or its effective management in Spain, is resident in Spain and subject to Spanish tax. Resident companies are charged corporation tax on worldwide profits and capital gains. Non-resident companies are taxed on their Spanish-source income and gains, according to the… Read more »

Spanish VAT (IVA)

Value Added Tax (IVA): This tax is applicable to any taxable supply of goods or services made in Spain by a taxable person as part of their business. It is not restricted to the provision of goods and services by way of sale but also applies to other forms of transaction. For VAT purposes, the… Read more »